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  1. True Change™ Executive Coaching is a unique approach to analyse performance and/or (pre-) burnout challenges. Effective and sustainable personal change and transformation is made possible through an elegant way of removing root-causes.
  2. This is Executive coaching for those executives who are open to an effective and advanced performance management approach. A unique form of executive coaching which is characterised by collaboration, planning, effectiveness, measurability and personal applicability. 
  3. This Executive coaching provides confidential collaboration within the context of the executive, her/his organisation and culture.
  4. Johan Reinhoudt is certified Master Executive Coach, trained by the Behavioural Coaching Institute (BCI). This 1-1 certified Master Executive Coach training has a strong participant selection and is by invitation only. It is one of the recognised elite quality marks in the world in the field of Executive behavioral change and Executive peformance improvement. During the past twenty years Johan studied neuroscience, psycho-biology, quantum physics, many forms of psychology and coaching methods and techniques. He also focused on finding ways for Executives or Entrepreneurs to reach or exceed their targets and to prevent or recover from (beginning) Burnout. It is from these combined rich sources that True Change™ Executive Coaching was developed.
  5. Johan Reinhoudt is an experienced leader with extensive international executive experience. He places challenges in the executive context and approaches the Executive or Entrepreneur’s situation in a practical and step-wise manner.
  6. Bilingual in-person or video (Zoom™ or Skype™) executive coaching – in Dutch or in English.


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