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Based on Johan’s huge interest in ‘performance’ and his decades long executive and hands-on leadership experience, he developed a unique view on executive and professional performance, stress, burnout prevention and recovery.

Through this, he can highlight the impact of this in a practical manner and in the appropriate business context. 

He blends his personal experience and his extensive training in psychology, neuro-science and behavioural biology and makes this accessible through an interesting and stimulating presentation.

He collaborates to customize your speech, presentation, or tailor-made client session and will turn the information into a presentation for the executive and professional, his/her company and the team. You will view the result in value you expect and wish to create.
Unique, clear communication and quality interaction with the audience are some of the characteristics of Johan’s keynote presentations.
Everyone gets rewarded with valuable and practical information and tools which can be directly applied within the business context.
Please call Tel. +31 (0)30 200 6761 to discuss your keynote or presentation request.
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