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Are you an Executive or Entrepreneur and …

Are you trying to ‘live your executive or entrepreneurial passion’ but don’t quite feel…

You get the results you want lately?

Imagine if you could…

  • Work with passion and executive presence again
  • Have clarity with solid vision
  • Have a higher and sustainable level of performance
  • Have confident communication
  • Move from ‘Controlling’ to ‘Influencing’ others
  • Be able to be present in meetings and reach productive outcomes
  • Be more successful and relaxed at the same time
  • Have improved collaboration (board, boss, peers, team)
  • Have improved decision making
  • Have a successful job promotion or role transition
  • Have a successful and efficient burnout recovery

Do any of the following statements sound familiar to you?

  • I am giving all I can to my work, but the results are just not what they should be
  • Lately it seems I have lost my vision and clarity about my role and the work
  • I want more ‘Executive Control’, but lately I feel that things slip through my fingers
  • When I am sitting in a management meeting, I miss pieces of it and this never happened to me before
  • I think to work and relax later, but lately it is just work, work and even more work
  • I have this unresolved issue with my boss, peers or team and I just do not know how to get started
  • I was told to be up for promotion, but really do not know how I will handle the transition
  • I was just promoted and I want to make it a success, but right now, I am not so sure about this
  • I just changed companies and want to make a success out of my new position/role, yet feel a total ‘newcomer’ in this environment, sometimes unsure what to do

I am Johan Reinhoudt and I had the same type of struggles … And I found that if I followed this process, it made all the difference to me/others. My pathway is proven, transformational, strategic, and I will guide you the whole way over all the hurdles and through all the challenges.

My pathway is called True Change™ Executive Coaching.The pathway integrates behavioural biology, various forms of psychology and my own international and diverse personal and practical experience in overcoming executive leadership, team management or burnout challenges.

True Change™ Result Focused Framework – 5-Steps to Personal Transformation

I have found there are five (5) logical steps that will need to happen to analyse and remove performance barriers and to ultimately create sustainable Executive success and fulfilment:
1. Become aware of the current biggest Executive improvement performance fallacies
2. Become aware of the single most important success factor determining the outcome of Executive performance
3. Create self-awareness and introspective ability
4. Find leverage to personal change
5. Make personal changes, resulting in sustainable Executive performance improvement, improved quality of life and prevention or recovery management of Executive burnout.
I am a bi-lingual executive coach and I work either in Dutch or in English. My coaching activities are strictly confidential and I guarantee the work I perform. I am accredited by the International Coaching Council (ICC) and associated with NOBCO and ACEP. As a professional Executive Master Coach, I work in accordance with the NOBCO and ACEP professional and ethical codes.
I work in-person and via Zoom™ or Skype™ Video – with individuals and groups, either in Dutch or English. Please do not hesitate to call me for a confidential and no-obligation conversation at Tel. (+31) (0)30 200 6761, or via email at Alternatively, you may also use the website contact form.


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