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Twenty four (24) or thirty six (36) coaching sessions of each 1 1/2 hour, of which the first eight (8) weekly and the following coaching sessions distributed over a period of sixteen (16) or twenty eight (28) weeks.

Coaching is focused on effective ways to approach a coaching question and the related root causes. The result for the executive and/or entrepreneur is personal transformation with measurable and sustainable enhancement of performance and improvement of quality of life. For example, if you recognize one or more of the following statements, this coaching is for you:

  • I do my best to achieve my goals, but the results are no longer what I want
  • It seems that I recently lost clarity about my job/role and vision at work
  • I often think of working and then relaxing later, but lately it is just work, work and even more work
  • I have that unresolved disagreement with my boss, member of the board/supervisory board, management team member/members, key account management team member or with my team and I do not know where to start searching for a solution
  • Recently, I heard that I am going to be promoted, but I have no idea how to plan and manage the transition
  • I have just been promoted and of course I want to be successful in my new role, but at this moment I am not so sure if I will be successful

Then True Change ™ Executive Coaching is for you – This process integrates experiences and information from my personal international executive career, human behavior biology, neuroscience and various forms of psychology, including occupational, social, organizational and energy psychology in a result-oriented structure;

Suppose …

  • You could again work with passion and executive/leadership presence
  • You have a higher and sustainably improved level of performance
  • You have enough self-confidence and are confident in your job
  • Your behavior changes from “control over others” to “influencing others”
  • You can again, fully and with presence and passion, participate in productive meetings
  • At the same time, you can be more successful and relaxed
  • You have improved collaboration (Board, Supervisory Board, boss, management team member, team)
  • You have better decision-making
  • You have a successful promotion or transition to your new job
  • You have a succesful, efficient, but above all, an effective burnout recovery

True Change™ Executive Coaching – Result Oriented Stepwise Plan

In my coaching work I use my proprietary “True Change™ Executive Coaching” -amongst others based upon human behavioural biology, neuroscience and an integration of different forms of psychology for example, industrial, organisational, social and energy psychology. 

Based on my personal and extensive executive experience, I have come to conclude that there are five (5) logical steps that need to happen to identify and remove executive performance barriers and to ultimately achieve success and fulfilment:

  1. Become aware of the current biggest executive improvement performance fallacies
  2. Become aware of the single most important success factor determining the outcome of executive performance
  3. Create self-awareness
  4. Find leverage to personal change – making personal changes with impact
  5. Make personal changes, resulting in sustainable executive performance improvement, improved “Quality of Life” and prevention or speedier recovery management of burnout

Additional information

  • I coach in-person and online via Zoom™ or Skype™ Video and work in Dutch or in English.
  • Telephone support is available during weekdays
  • A ‘follow-up coaching track’ consists of two coaching sessions of each one (1) hour per month. This follow-up coaching has a minimum length of three (3) months and becomes dependent upon client need after this period.

My coaching activities are strictly confidential and I guarantee the work I perform. As a professional executive coach, I am accredited by the International Coaching Council (ICC) and I am associated with the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches – NOBCO) and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

  Please do not hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation and confidential conversation – telephone number +31 (0)30 200 6761, or via email If you like, you may also use the website contact formulier.


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