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A morning or afternoon coaching session (~ 4 hours).

Coaching is focused on effective and accelerated ways to approach a particular issue and origination of a root cause. The result for the executive and / or entrepreneur is a desirable executive performance improvement – specifically with regard to the question raised. If you recognise any of the following statements, this coaching is for you:

  • Business communication challenge with a key account team member, co-team member of management team, Supervisory Board, Board Member
  • Get stuck in preparing an important business discussion
  • Preparation for an important business deal

Then True Change ™ Executive Coaching is for you – This process integrates experiences and information from my own long-term international executive career, human behavior biology, neuroscience and various forms of psychology, including occupational, social, organisational and energy psychology in a Result-oriented structure;

Suppose …

  • Have improved collaboration (board, boss, peers, team)
  • Have confident communication
  • Have a higher and desired level of performance – specifically with regards to the issue addressed

VIP Coaching – True Change™ Executive Coaching – Result Oriented Stepwise Plan

In my coaching work I use my proprietary “True Change™ Executive Coaching” -amongst others based upon human behavioural biology, neuroscience and an integration of different forms of psychology for example, industrial, organisational, social and energy psychology. 

Based on my personal and extensive executive experience, I have come to conclude that there are five (5) logical steps that need to happen to identify and remove executive performance barriers and to ultimately achieve success and fulfilment:

  1. Become aware of the current biggest executive improvement performance fallacies
  2. Become aware of the single most important success factor determining the outcome of executive performance
  3. Create self-awareness
  4. Find leverage to personal change – making personal changes with impact
  5. Make personal changes, resulting in sustainable executive performance improvement, improved “Quality of Life” and prevention or speedier recovery management of burnout

Additional information

  • I coach in-person and online via Zoom™ or Skype™ Video and work in Dutch or English.

My coaching activities are strictly confidential and I guarantee the work I perform. As a professional executive coach, I am accredited by the International Coaching Council (ICC) and I am associated with the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches – NOBCO) and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation and confidential conversation – telephone number +31 (0)30 200 6761, or via email If you like, you may also use the website contact formulier.


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