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Top-Coach welcomes you.

In my executive coaching work I help Executives and Professionals with their personal development, beyond obstacles that have often stood in their way for a long time.

It is my job and mission to work with passionate Executives and Professionals who “now” want to effectively move forward.

Whether it is about;

  • Successful Leadership
  • Enhanced Execution Power
  • Enlarging the Executive Presence
  • Being able to deal successfully with Others, with Performance and with Stress
  • Prevention of Burnout or Rapid and Sustainable Recovery of Burnout

the True Change™ Executive Coaching five-step co-active plan is the solution. It is an advanced coaching approach with clear and measurable results. This enables Executives and Professionals to exploit their potential and make their own unique contribution.

The True Change™ Executive Coaching five (5) step plan is uniquely designed for this purpose. An unparalleled  “in-context” form of coaching which is characterised by a co-active approach, effectiveness and personal applicability within the business context of the Executive and Professional.

True Change™ Executive Coaching is furthermore based upon my extensive and international executive experience, new biology, quantum physics, neuroscience and different forms of psychology for example, industrial, organisational, social and energy psychology.

In this process, awareness and transformation of the origins of the causes of performance barriers and for example of burn-out, are some of the most important success factors, which determine the outcome of measurable and sustainable personal improvement.

Top-Coach works in-person and when requested during follow-up also online via Skype™ Video, in Dutch or in English language.

Please contact me for more information or for planning your free exploratory coaching session – Tel. +31 (0)30 200 6761 or email

With kind regards,

Johan F. Reinhoudt

CEO/Owner, Top-Coach and Certified Master Executive Coach

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