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Top-Coach welcomes you.

Are you an executive or entrepreneur seeking business growth, but are you challenged by Performance and/or Burnout? Executive Coaching can be a solution to you and your company.

Top-Coach assists effectively and measurably how executives or entrepreneurs who struggle with performance and/or (beginning)burnout can quickly recover their passion and bring bonfire energy back to work, regain clarity and vision to get sustainable and measurable improvement in their results. Success and sustainable improvement in business results are possible by personal changes, leading to clarity, vision and targeted action.

For this purpose Top-Coach specifically designed the True Change™ Executive Coaching five (5) step plan. A unique form of executive coaching which is characterised by collaboration, planning, effectiveness, measurability and personal applicability within the business context of the executive.

True Change™ Executive Coaching is furthermore based upon diverse and international personal executive experience, human behavioural biology, neuroscience and different forms of psychology for example, industrial, organisational, social and energy psychology.

Top-Coach works in-person and when requested during follow-up also online via Skype™ Video, in Dutch or in English language. Please plan your free strategy coaching session today – Tel. +31 (0)30 200 6761 or email

With kind regards,

Johan F. Reinhoudt

Founder/CEO, Top-Coach and Certified Master Executive Coach