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Johan Reinhoudt uw Top-CoachOver the past thirty years, Johan Reinhoudt, President and CEO of Top-Coach, assisted organisations and individuals to a higher level of performance.

His impressive experience as CEO, President, Management Consultant, but also his broad scientific, operations and R&D background in a variety of organisations, ranging from start-up, SME to renowned international concerns (such as for example,  Abbvie, CognizantEurofinsLeiden Universitair Medisch CentrumPfizerPRA Health SciencesSanofi) provides an exceptional practical, creative and innovative background.

For many years Johan has been fascinated by human potential and how we may improve human potential. During the past fifteen years he studied many forms of psychology, methods and techniques. He also focused on finding ways for business professionals and leadership to reach or exceed targets and to prevent or recover from burnout.

Sourced from his broad experience, he developed “True Change™ Executive Coaching” – A unique form of executive coaching which is characterised by collaboration, planning, effectiveness, measurability and personal applicability. True Change™ Executive Coaching is based upon his personal diverse and international executive experience, human behavioural biology, neuroscience and an integration of different forms of psychology for example, industrial, organisational, social and energy psychology.

Johan’s coaching is concretely focusing on the past, root-causes, the present and of course the future – developing a desired state. Maybe this is also one of Johan’s unique aspects of coaching – Providing guidance within the executive business context to elegantly and concretely defining and effectively removing performance barriers. Barriers which block creating a present desired state, but also block a vision of the future. For this reason he is quickly becoming a go to executive coach and burnout prevention and recovery expert.

In his current executive coaching work, Johan works with executives (non-executive and executive-directors) or entrepreneurs who struggle with performance, stress or burnout. He shows them how to quickly recover their passion and bring bonfire energy back to work, regain clarity and vision to get sustainable and measurable improvement in their results.

It is his mission through executive coaching or burnout prevention and recovery management to support executives and entrepreneurs in making sustainable personal changes which lead to more success and an improved quality of life.

Johan has a BSc degree in Anaesthesiology (Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and is certified in general management by INSEAD-CEDEP in Fontainebleau, France and the Institute for Social and Business Sciences (ISBW) in Hilversum, the Netherlands. He is also a certified master executive coach (MCC) and is personally trained by the late Dr. Suzanne Skiffington, founder of the internationally renowned Behavioural Coaching Institute and author of many internationally acclaimed executive coaching publications and books. Besides this Johan has followed many other training courses and received several certifications.

As a certified professional executive coach, Johan is associated with the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

Johan lives in the Utrecht area in the Netherlands and works with clients nationally and internationally. Executive coaching is in-person and when requested during follow-up, online via Zoom™ or Skype™ Video – in Dutch or in English.

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