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Qualities Of A Leader – A CliffsNotes Version For Aspiring Leaders

Qualities of a Leader – A CliffsNotes Version for Aspiring Leaders

What qualities define an effective Leader?  How do you further amplify these qualities?

  • A Leader builds Trust by giving trust and by being Trustworthy
  • A Leader leads with People in mind – Leadership is a People business. People FIRST, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, turns businesses into FIRST
  • A Leader leads an organisation’s Vision by concisely communicating and providing clear short, mid- and long-term direction, enabling the People in the organisation to clearly ‘see’ where the organisation is heading
  • A Leader leads Ethical business dealing by always considering whom the leader and his/her leadership team is dealing with, knowing full well it must be “Ethical” 100% of the time
  • A Leader takes full Accountability for the organisational environment and its output
  • A Leader leads Human Resources through direct involvement in human resources. For example, by being involved in the hiring of direct reports’ direct reports – Developing a definition of the Unique Business Contribution prior to hiring and by requiring full unbiased Data Disclosure when organisational survey’s are being used

  • A Leader imagines running a ‘Management Laboratory’ – experiments, tries, prototypes, hypothesises, tests. Does all these things with openness and experiential learning in mind – For Leadership and the Organisation
  • A Leader realises Efficiency does not imply Efficaciousness. Not infrequently Efficiency turns to be the opposite of Efficaciousness
  • A Leader leads by Developing Others to Lead. Always actively develops people to the maximum of their capacity, through Coaching and Mentoring moments, but most over by Talking the Walk, through leading others by example desired Behaviour. People copy behaviour – the good and the bad
  • A Leader leads the organisation Innovation Capability by creating an environment for innovation, starting for example with the openness around, the amount and the kind of leadership team- and recurring-meetings the leader conducts


  • Measures Innovation by the amount of innovative behaviour they see in the organisation and through the Innovative Products they successfully launch serving their market.  Intelligent employees, when given space and a desire from leadership to innovate, will do exactly that. Healthy human beings derive great satisfaction from being productive, being innovative, and through all of this to have a measure of self-growth. By the way, Leaders are no different
  • Measures output through Continuous and Transparent Organisational Feedback – No longer an annual performance review ‘event’ and goal setting process. Continually acts on performance and acknowledges through behaviour “Tenure does not equal Performance”
  • Leads and manages the business through Personal Involvement, being a ‘Lead Manager’ – not a ‘Micro-Manager’, stimulates open and honest debate with a transparent communication system. All communication has a feedback mechanism and leaders openly react through action
  • Leads a ‘Fail-Safe’ organisation, not an organisation without Failures
  • Additionally, you may also want to review my recent publication “What if? Twenty Leadership Tips to Ponder”

A leader’s communication and behaviour are important reminders to the organisation of what matters most.

Finally, I would like to quote the Hippocratic oath of the Greek physician: “Primum Non Nocere” – “Above all, not knowingly to do harm”.

As with all ‘CliffsNotes’ versions, the above will hopefully be ‘starting material’ and causes you to further research, read and explore your own and other people’s leadership.

Enjoy the process – Leading is living™.

Johan F. Reinhoudt

This article was originally published in Leadership Matters on 14 April, 2016.

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Johan Reinhoudt

Ik ben oprichter en directeur van Top-Coach, Master Executive Coach, Master Burn-out Coach, ervaren internationaal leider en expat met uitgebreide achtergrond in de gezondheidszorg en life-sciences industrie.

Ik heb een uitgebreide professionele ervaring als executive leider van wereldwijde hoogproductieve teams/organisaties en ook als turn-around manager en managementconsultant in het transformeren van organisaties.

Ik ben het best bekend door mijn True Result™ Executive Coaching vijfstappen plan en het (Versneld) Executive en Professional Burn-out Preventie en Herstel Traject - Het creëren van leiderschap met hoge persoonlijke prestaties, effectieve teams en organisaties.

Mijn executive coaching is gericht op persoonlijke en teamontwikkeling van executives en professionals (incl. accountants, advocaten, juristen, notarissen en medisch specialisten). Ik concentreer mij hierbij op het versnellen van bijzondere cliënt uitkomsten via een persoonlijk en/of team transformatie traject.

Ik woon momenteel in de regio Utrecht en werk in een persoonlijk gesprek met executives en professionals in de Nederlandse en Engelse taal, in organisaties door geheel Nederland, maar ook internationaal.

Voor meer informatie kunt u mij vrijblijvend bellen via Tel. 030-200 6761 of e-mailen:

I am founder and CEO of Top-Coach, Master Executive Coach, Master Burn-out Coach and experienced international executive leader and expat, with extensive background in the healthcare and life sciences industry.

I have a broad professional experience as an executive leader of global high-productive teams/organisations and also as a turn-around manager and management consultant in transforming organisations.

I am best known for my True Result™ Executive Coaching five-step program and my (Accelerated) Executive and Professional Burnout Prevention and Recovery Program - Creating leadership with high personal performance, effective teams and organisations.

My executive coaching focuses on personal and team development of executives and professionals (including accountants, lawyers, lawyers, notaries and medical specialists). I focus on accelerating exceptional client outcomes through a personal and/or team transformation process.

I currently live in the Utrecht region and work in a personal conversation with executives and professionals in Dutch or English - In organisations throughout the Netherlands, but also internationally.

Please contact me if you want more information via Tel. (+31) (0)30-200 6761, or email me @

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