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Free Executive or Entrepreneur Sales Evaluation

Undesired Sales Behaviour

Handling undesired behaviour during sales encounters is probably one of the most challenging and success determining elements for Executives or Entrepreneurs to manage. Download the free executive or entrepreneur sales evaluation to gain insight into your own personal situation.

Effectively dealing with sales behaviour can only start when becoming consciously aware and choosing an effective way to remove the causes of the non-desired behaviour.

Please score yourself on the below statements to assess to what extend removing the causes of non-desired sales behaviour will contribute to your executive or entrepreneurial success? After reading a statement, answer directly and from a feeling perspective whether the statement is “True” (Yes) or “Not True” (No) for you.

How many questions can you honestly and wholeheartedly answer with a “YES”?

After you enter your data and press the download button, you can download the executive or entrepreneur sales evaluation for free. By downloading you agree to the use of your information by Top-Coach, so that you may be contacted with relevant information and/or offers.

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