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Free Executive or Entrepreneur Stress Identifier

What is stress?

Psychologically a stress-response is usually considered when a ‘stressor’- a situation is mainly interpreted as being novel, and/or unpredictable, and/or the individual must have the feeling that she/he does not have control over the situation (Mason, 1968). As an executive, it is often referred to as occupational stress: “The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them” (Kyastha R., 2012).

Although you can score the stress you have, there is really no set amount of stress for you to consider yourself too stressed or even stressed-out. If things have shifted for you lately, and your life has become more ‘unpredictable’, a few of these stressors could be far too many for you and you could end up with day-long elevated stress levels and run the risk of (pre-) burnout and/or become ill.

Stress is certainly not the same as burnout and is also necessarily not the same as having a lot to do. Stress is a health risk, as stress weakens your overall immune response due to weakening of the immune system. Eventually stress may lead to all kinds of illnesses.

An answer to stress is personal. Only you can tell if something has got to change, for you to feel confident and be in-control again. This is why you may want to use this free evaluation. Determine if on the basis of this evaluation, you may also want to master an array of executive stress-management tools, just like all the other executives or entrepreneurs who went before you. Tools which measurably improve success and also will continually support you with your performance-management.




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