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The True Result™ Executive Summit – For Whom?

  • Executives whose effectiveness depends on their relationships with others experience great value from this True Result Executive Summit. 
  • They are often selected executives, which either see or be deemed to develop interpersonal skills in an intensive way. 
  • Although the experience is intensive and personally comprehensive, it is not intended as a replacement for individual or group therapy and is therefore not recommended for executives with complex emotional problems.

Participant Objectives

  • Participants determine specific behavioural change goals, goals that often consist of important and long-standing character traits and attributes. Typically, these would not be affected by usual internal/external workshops or performance support.
  • There is currently a communication chaos, a digital craziness where interpersonal excellence and stress management are vital to success and survival. Here is a workshop that gives the executive a thorough insight into behaviour, teaches techniques that are hardly available anywhere else and where you time is given to reflect on their own organisational life.
  • It will significantly contribute to intra/interpersonal skills, but it will also give the opportunity to personally continue the learning process beyond this exclusive summit.

Learning Results

  • Most participants thus gain a significant improvement in their interpersonal skills repertoire with people at all levels in an organisation (this instead of just only more self-understanding). They will also be better able to deal with organisational- and life-stresses.
  • The main goal is overall sophistication and significant upgrading of intra-personal as well as interpersonal behaviour and communication skills that are necessary for success in organisations.
  • Main features of this “Executive Summit” are; a thorough, dynamic executive learning environment that enhances a personal level of knowledge in a confidential and supportive environment, as well as advanced concepts that can lead to a huge change in social functioning.
  • Specific goals include analysis, removal or major change in character traits and characteristics (often present for a long time) that affect organisational performance, such as aggressiveness, tactlessness towards others, delegation, perfectionism, intolerance to differences, emotional eruptions, teamwork and others.
  • An exciting and challenging couple of days to learn, where the primary goal is to achieve improved individual excellence. Many who attended the workshop noted that this workshop has changed their lives, including new and improved self-awareness and greater ability to deal with challenges and stresses of everyday life. Thus it becomes a significant executive burn-out buffer if you will.
  • Anyone who participates will make significant improvements in the ability to better understand and effectively influence others.
  • Specific skills taught include new ways of communicating interpersonally, improved skills to create good understanding with others and increased peace of mind when being under stressful conditions.
  • Some have also integrated these changes in getting better physical health.

Participant Selection and Pre-work

  • 360-degree feedback from colleagues.
  • Extensive intake with a personal background documentation. 
  • Several short, specialised articles that serve to develop introspective thoughts.


  • Our approach to learning is pragmatic and in many cases very advanced. The workshop therefore combines new technology to make unique changes – changes that will accelerate obtaining new skills and understanding of paradigms of behaviour.
  • Through focused discussion and group activities, this workshop offers guidance and leads to new levels of skills and understanding.
  • The learning environment is also one in which the executive will be supported and where full confidentiality is guaranteed, while adequate time is given to consider and integrate the material.
  • Those who are willing to ‘go deeper’ will of course receive much more measurable benefit than those who participate less. When asking questions like: “Who am I in the world of work?” And “What changes will make me more productive and more satisfied?”, the positive effect of this workshop will be even greater.
  • The learning situation is intense and exclusive with a maximum of six participants per group.
  • Instruction is given in a series of concepts and advanced methods, derived from neurophysiology, new biology and different forms of psychology. In addition to open discussions, there are also exercises designed to allow participants to practice new techniques and concepts.
  • The leaders of this summit take ethics very seriously. They will therefore make every effort to make the participants feel comfortable and safe while they are applying deep self-reflection. Should a participant decide to address personal challenges (which are not necessarily organisational relevant), there will be, next to the official agenda, time and space to do so.


  • Summit participation is exclusive and by invitation only.
  • The next True Result™ Executive Summit group is scheduled during 2020. The summit starts Wednesday evening and ends on Sunday early afternoon and is either in Dutch or in English.


  • In a central location in the Netherlands.


  • Please contact Johan Reinhoudt for more information about this exclusive True Result™ Executive Summit and for registration, telephone: +31 (0)30 200 6761 or e-mail:
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