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True Change™ Team Coaching – A business case driven team coaching – duration depending upon the business goal(s) (coaching is minimally four (4) hours). Coaching is focused on effective and accelerated ways to approach a particular issue and root cause. The result for the executive/entrepreneur and her/his team are a desirable executive performance improvement – specifically with regard to the question raised. If you recognise any of the following statements, this coaching is for you:

  • Support to a newly appointed executive/teamleader for example, supporting the team with business performance challenges, team and organisational communication
  • Supporting Supervisory Board, Board of Directors or Management Team (MT) with specific challenges, resulting in clear analysis and a jointly defined structural approach
  • Team preparation ‘blockage’ when preparing for a difficult business meeting

The process integrates information from personal executive experiences, human behavioral biology, neurosciences and different forms of psychology for example, organization, social and energy psychology.

Suppose …

  • You can lead a stronger strategic management
  • The team has improved team understanding through self-awareness
  • Team members have sustainable strength in their function/role with improved team relationships and communication
  • You have a desired (team) performance improvement – specifically regarding the specific management team challenges

True Change™ Team Coaching – Result Oriented Structure

Based on my personal and extensive executive experience, I have come to conclude that there are five (5) logical steps that need to happen to identify and remove executive (team) performance barriers and to ultimately achieve success and fulfilment:

  1. Become aware of the current biggest executive improvement performance fallacies
  2. Become aware of the single most important success factor determining the outcome of executive performance
  3. Create self-awareness
  4. Find leverage to personal change – making personal changes with impact
  5. Make personal changes, resulting in sustainable executive performance improvement, improved “Quality of Life” and prevention or speedier recovery management of burnout.

Additional information

  • I coach teams in-person and online via Zoom™ or Skype™ Video and work in Dutch or in English.

My coaching activities are strictly confidential and I guarantee the work I perform. As a professional executive coach, I am accredited by the International Coaching Council (ICC) and I am associated with the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches – NOBCO) and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation and confidential conversation – telephone number +31 (0)30 200 6761, or via email If you like, you may also use the website contact formulier.


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